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DBA Online 1st Trial Players Championship    

We are pleased to announce
the beginning of DBAOL

1st Trial Players Championship

    This championship is dedicated to 2 years anniversary celebrations of DBA Online wargame.

    Participating in this competition provides you with a unique opportunity to play free games with no trials limitation and fight opponents of the same skill level. We made the Championship Regulations as simple and fair as possible.

    Winning the Champion's Title gives you free 4-month subscription, 2nd place will get 3-month subscription and 2-month subscription is given to the 3rd place. In addition, 6 'lucky guy' one-month subscriptions will be drawing among the rest of players participating in championship.

  Championship Regulations
  1. Registration starts from now on until the 18th of May 24:00 Eastern Coast Time.

  2. To register login to Web-based PCM and just click a corresponding link.

  3. The day championship is launched 10 battles with 5 different opponents will be automatically generated for you.

  4. You will be playing 2 battles with each of opponents: you'll switch armies and low/high scorer during this battles to make it fair. Armies are being chosen as historical enemies in a random way.

    If in 1st battle you are:
    1.Low Scorer
    2. Army 96 Arab Conquest
    Your opponent:
    1.High Scorer
    2.Army 73b Later Sassanid
    Then in 2nd battle you are:
    1.High Scorer
    2.Army 73b Later Sassanid
    Your opponent:
    1.Low Scorer
    2. Army 96 Arab Conquest

  5. The scores for each battle are being counted as:

    Winner will get:
    4 points - for win, 1 point - for each element killed, 3 points - for killing general, 2 points - for capturing enemy's camp. (For example, if you win by killing 4 elements, including a general and capturing enemy's camp, you'll get 4+4+3+2=13 points)

    Looser will get:
    0 points - for loss, 1 point - for each element killed, 3 points - for killing general, 2 points - for capturing enemy's camp.

    So as you might have noticed, even if you lost battle you still could score points for killing enemy's general, elements or capturing the camp.

  6. There's a penalty in our championship for not making bounds. It's necessarily to make new bounds within 24-hours after your opponent has made his/her bound during week-days. If you don't, you will lose automatically scoring 0 points for battle. Your opponent will be given 6 point as passive victory bonus. However, you may skip playing on weekends, it's up to you - no penalty.

  7. A special page will be generated where current results and scores will be shown. After all battles are done we will calculate final scores. In case several people are getting final winning score all of them will be given corresponding prize.

Let the best commander win!

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