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DBA Online Summer Trial Players Championship    

Here are current results for Pedro in
Summer Trial Players Championship
(updated hourly)

    Player 1Army 1Player 2Army 2State
    Pedro28a. Early Achaemenid Persian 550BC-420BC. Epymetheus29. Saitic Egyptian 660BC-525BC & 405BC-335BC. Map: autumn
    Score: 2 (L-2)NorthScore: 10 (W-3G)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 16
    Pedro58. Pontic 110BC-47BC. Pelopidas45. Galatian 280BC-25BC. Map: palestine
    Score: 9 (W-5)NorthScore: 1 (L-1)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 14
    Pedro67. Caledonian or Pictish 75AD-846AD. Shturmovik82. Sub-Roman British 407AD-945AD. Map: green hell
    Score: 9 (W-2G)NorthScore: 0 (L-0)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 10
    Pedro168. 100 Years War English 1322AD-1455AD. Sylla173. Early Burgundian 1363AD-1471AD. Map: paved road
    Score: 6 (W-P)WestScore: 0 (L-P)Low ScorerCamp Placing
    Pedro7. Early Northern Barbarian 2000BC-450BC. Gruaga6. Early Shang Chinese 1720BC-1300BC. Map: round the bend
    Score: 1 (L-1)WestScore: 8 (W-4)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 19
    Pedro87. Early Bulgar 559AD-1018AD. Legionnaire117. Nikephorian Byzantine 936AD-1071AD. Map: boggy
    Score: 2 (L-2)Low ScorerScore: 11 (W-4G)SouthMovement. Bound 31
    Pedro45. Galatian 280BC-25BC. Pelopidas58. Pontic 110BC-47BC. Map: boggy
    Score: 4 (L-4)Low ScorerScore: 10 (W-6)EastMovement. Bound 25
    Pedro82. Sub-Roman British 407AD-945AD. Shturmovik67. Caledonian or Pictish 75AD-846AD. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 12 (W-5G)Low ScorerScore: 1 (L-1)EastMovement. Bound 16
    Pedro6. Early Shang Chinese 1720BC-1300BC. Gruaga7. Early Northern Barbarian 2000BC-450BC. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 8 (W-4)Low ScorerScore: 5 (L-2G)SouthMovement. Bound 18
    Pedro29. Saitic Egyptian 660BC-525BC & 405BC-335BC. Epymetheus28a. Early Achaemenid Persian 550BC-420BC. Map: autumn
    Score: 10 (W-4C)Low ScorerScore: 3 (L-3)SouthMovement. Bound 31
    Pedro173. Early Burgundian 1363AD-1471AD. Sylla168. 100 Years War English 1322AD-1455AD. Map: big desert hill
    Score: 6 (W-P)Low ScorerScore: 0 (L-P)SouthDeployment
    Pedro117. Nikephorian Byzantine 936AD-1071AD. Legionnaire87. Early Bulgar 559AD-1018AD. Map: boggy
    Score: 11 (W-5C)NorthScore: 8 (L-5G)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 41

    Abbreviation appendix for the results of battles:

    L-Ploss occurred due to penalty for inactive game has been applied to player
    W-Pwon victory occurred since penalty for inactive game has been applied to opponent
    L-2loss, two enemy elements has been killed
    W-2Gwon victory, 2 elements has been killed, one of them is General
    W-3Cwon victory, 3 elements has been killed and Camp captured
    W-5GCwon victory, 5 elements has been killed, one of them is General and Camp captured

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DBA 1.22 Rules c Phil Barker, Richard Bodley Scott, Sue Laflin Barker 1990-2000