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DBA Online DBAOL Multiple-Generals Rules    

This is a variant enabling a single player on each side to use a larger army divided into commands and a larger playing area, but without the added detail and complexity of DBM. This differs from the standard version only as described below.

The width of the battlefield is doubled, but the depth remains the same. The number of compulsory features is changed to 1-3 and the number of optional features is changed to 3-4, not more than 3 of which can be of the same type. There still cannot be more than 1 each of Waterway, River, Oasis or BUA.

One PIP dice is needed for each command. All a side's dice must be the same colour except that an allied command's dice must be a different colour and is always used for that command. The player must write down after terrain has been placed and base edges chosen which non-allied command will always be given the highest scoring dice and which the lowest scoring dice. He discloses this when he first dices for PIPs.

A command's PIPs cease to be diced for when all its elements have been lost or left the battlefield.

Once in each game, the C-in-C's element can add +1 to its combat score after this has been calculated.

An element is lost if it is destroyed or crosses a battlefield edge, but not if only demoralised. An allied command whose camp is currently controlled by the enemy counts as 2 elements extra loss to that command. Any other camp or BUA currently controlled by the enemy counts as 2 elements extra loss to each non-allied command.

A command that at the start of any of its bounds has lost its general or whose lost elements other than Scythed Chariots, camp followers or denizens total a third of its original troop elements is demoralised. It can use tactical moves only to turn and hold in place elements or to hold groups. Other elements not in close combat immediately flee directly towards the nearest point on the army's base edge without first recoiling, but making an initial turn if necessary. This is repeated at the start of each subsequent friendly bound, each element not held that bound or in close combat fleeing whether or not it fled before. Elements not in a BUA or camp deduct -2 in close combat.

An army whose cumulative total of lost elements at the end of any bound other than Scythed Chariots, camp followers or denizens is at least half its original troop elements and has also lost more such elements in that bound than the enemy, or an army whose C-in-C's command is demoralised, has lost the battle.

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