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Club Members

Name:Martin Schmidt


Date of Birth:November 3, 1958



City/Town:San Jose

3 Favorite DBA armies:Carthaginian, Mongol, War of the Roses

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people?Both.

DBAOL frequency of play:1 or 2 times a day

Favorite Military History Period:Punic Wars

Other hobbies:Collecting games, slow pitch softball

Occupation (Job):Hardware Engineer

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL?Try it! (But don't challenge DK until you get a few games under your belt!)

What other wargames do you play?DBM, Hordes of the Things, Days of Knights, Fantasy Rules!, General Quarters, Aerodrome, and anything else I can get my hands on and time to play!

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