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Club Members

Name:Snowflake the Cat (owned by Ken Blackley)


Date of Birth:September 1999




3 Favorite DBA armies:Burgundian Ordonnance, Marian Roman, and 100 Year's War English

DBAOL frequency of play:Not as often as I'd like That's because it takes us a long time to do a bound, because I have to meow my orders to Ken, who then enters them

Other hobbies: Chasing a string, sleeping all day with my paws in the air and yowling for food at 3 am.

Occupation (Job):Housecat

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL?That's it is great fun, and allows me to play DBA while sitting on a warm and cosy computer monitor.

What other wargames do you play?None since I got fixed.

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