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Club Members

Name:Dustin J. Koellhoffer

Alias:Dusty the Mighty

Date of Birth:3-31-56



3 Favorite DBA armies:ALL! (Knights Rule!)

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people?Both, I love playing this game.

DBAOL frequency of play:As much as I can (but I work every third day, and I have family on the weekends. :)

Favorite Military History Period: I've studied all of MH concentrating at first on weapons and tactics, in later years on strategy. But my favorite eras are the Age of Muscle and WWII. It's tough to pick any one favorite. I love the Byzantines and the Knights of Europe. My favorite general in history is Belisarius.

Other hobbies:I played racquetball until my arthritis became to serious. (Ortho-surg. on my elbows and osteo-arthritis in my hips has recently put a stop to that.) I fenced in college (but that's ages ago). Hmm. I guess my other hobbies are Computer strategy games and Nintendo games. (Oh, I also play DBM.)

Occupation (Job):Dallas Paramedic/FireFighter

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL?I think DBA is the greatest, simple Age of Muscle battle game designed. I like it so much, I wish my name was on it as designer. It's a game that is so simple to learn, like chess, but it takes alot of tactical skill to maneuver and do well consistently. (Of course, there's nothing like rolling sixes all the time!) :D The drawback of DBA has always been matching historic opponents. Because players could only paint so much different stuff. (Because of the simple mechanism of this game, ahistoric match-ups are too anachronistic and appear exceedingly ridiculous. Something every historian recognizes in this game is that, while combat technology improved during the 4500 years covered by this game, the troop element types essentially remained the same. So, while Alexander's Companions were the 'knights' of their age, they are in no way comparable to Late Medieval knights.) Also, getting someone FTF to play. DBAOL has solved both problems completely! All games can be historically matched armies (so no silly fantasy battles) and I can play anyone, and everyone, IN THE WORLD!!!

What other wargames do you play?DBM, Many Computer games, of which Civilization and Age of Empires are my favorites. And Nintendo games like Snowboard Kids II, Mario Golf, Sarge's Heroes, and twenty others my kids enjoy playing (I'm just one of them).

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