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Club Members

Name: Robert Carmenate

Alias: Kambodia

Date of Birth: 06/12/72

Country: USA

State/Province: Texas

City/Town: Houston

3 Favorite DBA armies: 100 Years War English (168), Seljuq Turkish (124), and Mongol (154).

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people? I'm open to all challenges. Bring 'em on!

DBAOL frequency of play: Whenever I get the chance.

Favorite Military History Period: Hundred Years War and Crusades

Other hobbies: All things dangerous. Wine, women, song, and Froissart.

Occupation (Job): Sales Manager

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL? This is the future of wargaming right here, hats off to the designers and the players that make this the most enjoyable and sophisticated strategy game on the net

What other wargames do you play? Hundred Year War (HYW)


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