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Club Members

Name: Ed Allen

Alias: Ed Allen

Date of Birth: Early 1960s

Country: USA

State/Province: California

City/Town: Berkeley

Ed Allen

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people? So far, I've been playing a lot of pickup games. Maybe I'll get into a tourney later.

DBAOL frequency of play: I play most days. Some days I manage to check in multiple times.

Favorite Military History Period: I have no favorite. I enjoy games and books on many periods.

Other hobbies: Besides playing wargames, I have many of the hobbies that are part of wargaming: painting armies, building scenery, reading military history, building gaming web pages, etc. I have two kids, one of them a new baby, so I don't find time to diversify my hobbies much beyond that, and many of my gaming activities are awaiting more time to get started again.

Occupation (Job): Programmer and system administrator

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL? DBAOL has me playing more DBA than I have played in several years. It's very convenient for a new father with constraints on live gaming time. It does a nice job emulating the miniatures game, with only a couple of things different than I expected.

What other wargames do you play? Many miniatures rules sets and boardgames. Too many to do them all justice. Some computer games now and then.

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