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Club Members

Name: Eric Lindberg

Alias: Montetiglio

Date of Birth: 1961

Country: USA

State/Province: California

City/Town: San Francisco

3 Favorite DBA armies: Italian Condotta (169), Early Imperialist (136), Chinese Border Nomads (62)
But that's just because of how they look. I really trying out any army.

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people? Yes!

DBAOL frequency of play: Once a day, usually.

Favorite Military History Period: Late Medieval Europe, Late Classical Chinese

Other hobbies: Hiking ("Rambling" for those outside the US), Piano (jazz/classical), Foreign languages

Occupation (Job): Software professional

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL? It will work on a Mac with Virtual PC! (OK, so only rabidly devoted Mac users care. . . and the day there's a Java version, we won't have to worry about that!)

What other wargames do you play? Numerous miniatures rules. I have many board wargames that have been gathering dust since I graduated from college.

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