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Club Members

Name: Alberto Barsellini

Alias: Beto

Date of Birth: 26/02/1966

Country: Argentina

City/Town: Buenos Aires

3 Favorite DBA armies: Seleucids / Indians / WoR

Alberto Barsellini

Do you use DBA Online for Tournaments or for games with a couple particular people? Everyone is welcomed. I like tournaments but will love when able to edit armies and stage a campaign

DBAOL frequency of play: 1-2 bound a day

Favorite Military History Period: Classical ancient

Other hobbies: Music. I play bass gtr in a pop band

Occupation (Job): Customs lawer ( i really don?t know if this is the rigth word.. i work as a professional to help people get goods past customs ...legally of course!)

What would you like other wargamers to know about DBAOL? I played more games and meet more people in 3 months than in 10 years before .. besides that, a few of my boardgames friends get interested in it! so we can all play DBA in our regular meetings more often

What other wargames do you play? Mostly boardgames Squad leader / Civilization / King maker /etc.

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