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DBA Online What's New in DBA Online    

    December 24, 2003

    Christmas Discounts

    Christmas Discounts are available from December 25 till January 8.

    December 3, 2003

    20 new maps are done

    DBAOL Team is pleased to announce about the release of 20 new maps. They are all of 3D look.
    View them

    We would like to address our special gratitude to Jerome Boulbes, John Davidson and Lee Insley for their contribution to this event.

    You can download them as the separate file, it is compatible with v. 1.11 and v. 1.12 beta.

    August 30, 2003

    Summer Trial Players Championship is over!

    Summer Trial Players Championship has finished! Amazonka, ZORRO and Allach won the first 3 places correspondingly.
    6 randomly chosen participants are rewarded with 15 games pack. They are: Legionnaire, Raptor, Hardrada, komeyure, Syrass and FirstKnight.

    August 27, 2003

    Summer End Discounts

    DBAOL Team Is pleased to announce about the Summer End Discounts which are valid till September 5, 2003.
    Paying for 3 months you play 1 month free, and purchasing 6 month subscription you will get 2 free months.
    Don`t miss it!

    July 12, 2003

    DBAOL Summer Trial Players Championship

    Summer Trial Championship is starting.
    To sign up you need to click on the corresponding link in your Personal Challenge Manager.

    June 30, 2003

    World Team Cup II is over

    Congratulations to the Kingdom of Russ - the winner of the 2nd World Team Cup!
    All the team-members recieve free 6-month subscription!
    Congrats to Tiger, a fearless captain, and his brave warriors - Beto, Janus, Sir Cholais and CaptainVP!
    And thanks to all teams, especially to the finalists!

    June 4, 2003

    All 3D Maps

    DBAOL Team is pleased to announce that all old maps have been transformed into new 3D ones. Now you can enjoy the naturally looking terrains.
    Our team would like to thank you for your patience and devotion.
    Download 3D Maps now!

    April 23, 2003

    Server Moving

    On April 22, 11 a.m. (Eastern time) DBAOL was moving to the new server which caused problems with connecting. The move is still going on, but it is supposed to be over within 12 hours. DBAOL Team make the apologies for this inconvenience.

    April 17, 2003

    World Team Cup Semi-Final

    The Semi-final has finished and the winners are Kingdom of Wessex, Spain and Kingdom of Russ.
    Final games are about to start.

    March 20, 2003

    World Team Cup

    The 1stRound is over and 9 teams advanced to the next Round
    The Semi-Final games are launched already.

    Additional rules are introduced for better moderating.

    January 24, 2003

    Christmas Open Tournament

    Christmas Open Tournament is over.

    Two winners among the members are Horatio and Spaniard Legionnaire who will choose the prizes themselves.

    Among trial players, Ambiorix (2), swietlo and bebbo became the winners and got free 3-, 2- and 1-month subscriptions correspondingly.

    January 20, 2003

    World Team Cup II

    World Team Cup II is scheduled to January 24. About 130 players will form 26 teams and fight in honour of their nations.

    December 17, 2002

    Christmas DBAOL News

    Merry Christmas!

    December 12, 2002

    New Feature in PCM

    New feature is added to PCM. In addition to Double Army option there implemented Triple Army and Quadruple Army options which function in the same way as Double Army option.
    Also when using Custom Army List option and activating one of the Double/Triple/Quadruple features, you have custom army doubled/tripled/quadrupled correspondingly.

    December 9, 2002

    Multiple Generals Version 1.12 Beta

    We are pleased to announce that we almost finished working on multiple-generals version and
    Beta version is already available to your judgement and enjoyment.
    This Beta version works both for common battles and battles with multiple generals.
    To create multiple-generals battle go to PCM in Advanced Challenge Options and:

    • choose Double Army option to play double army battle with 2 generals
    • choose Number of Generals option to play single army battle with the appropriate number of generals
    • choose Double Army and Number of Generals options to play double army battle with the appropriate number of generals
    • use Custom Army List option and Number of Generals option to play given multiple army battle with the appropriate number of generals

    Also read the rules for multiple-generals DBAOL version.

    All notes, questions and suggestions send to support@dbaol.com

    NOTE: The requirement is availability of 1.11 version at your PC.
    If you have the older version follow the instruction at www.dbaol.com/download.htm
    You can download the 1.11 to 1.12 beta patch HERE

    December 3, 2002

    Changing Server

    Today at 3 pm (Eastern Time) we are going to change old server to the new one which supports multiple generals.

    November 12, 2002

    2nd Team Cup

    We are pleased to announce about the beginning of the 2nd World Team Cup, which is schuled to December 11.
    Join us to defend the glory of your country and support your compatriots.

    July 24, 2002

    More Historical Battles

    3 more historical scenario battles are added in PCM
    They are:
    Lake Trasimene 217BC, Marathon 490BC and Kadesh 1288BC .

    They are also based on the booklet "Ancient Historical Battles 1479BC - 378AD" by Peter Sides and adapted to DBAOL.
    Enjoy re-playing the history!

    July 11, 2002

    Historical Battles

    Historical scenario battles are a new branch in DBAOL.
    At the moment there are 3 scenario battles done (Beneventum 275BC, Granicus 334BC and Cynoscephalae 197BC ), and about 20 are in the process of creating.

    Scenario battles are based on the booklet "Ancient Historical Battles 1479BC - 378AD" by Peter Sides and adapted to DBAOL.
    To play scenario battle go to your PCM, click "Historical battles" and choose the one that appeal to you most of all.

    June 29, 2002

    Server Moving

    Within the next couple days DBAOL is moving to a new server.
    June 29, at 18:00 GMT Game Server will be shut down.
    It will be moved to the new hosting and installed there. It will be up in some hours, but it can take a long time (up to 8 hours) if some unexpected problems arise.

    June 12, 2002

    First Trial Championship

    The First Trial Championship has finished!
    And the winner is DBxTerminator (Middle Kingdom), who managed to gain 96 points! 4-month subscription is granted to him.
    Andy (3) (New Zealand) with 89 points won 3-month subscription.
    Chippendale (Australia) and bombadil (France) shared the 3d place and got 2-month subscription.

    Congratulations to the winners!

    6 randomly chosen participants are rewarded with 1-month subscription. They are: Falathar, Deen18, Feadur, The Shack, Bludengutz and stefo.
    View final results

    May 20, 2002

    First Trial Championship

    First Trial Championship has started! 94 players are fighting to win the prizes!

    May 18, 2002

    Version 1.11

    New version 1.11 which is dedicated to 2nd anniversary of DBAOL has been released. It includes all painted armies, camps and camp followers! Before downloading read the instructions carefully.
    Download now

    May 10, 2002

    First 3D Maps!

    Our team is currently working on transforming 2D gouache paintings into 3D maps. And there are 4 maps done already!Bosworth, Lake Peipus, Quadesh, Tannenberg and Bosworth. View them

    April 30, 2002

    1st Trial Player Championship

    This championship is dedicated to 2 years anniversary celebrations of DBA Online wargame. Trial players are given the chance to participate in the tournaments and win the prizes. View rules

    April 19, 2002

    National Team Cup

    Finally National Team Cup is done!
    Started last year in March, Team Cup attracted 28 teams (140 players!) from all over the world,from which the only one could survive. And that was Western Canada Team! Congratulations!

    April 16, 2002

    All armies of 4500 years are painted

    Two years of hard work and thorough learning of the way ancient armies should look, is over! Download new armies Now you can enjoy playing DBA Online with all 220 painted historical armies, which cover the world history from 3000BC till 1500AD. Choose your favorite army from preferable historical period and experience a special pleasure while following the history or changing the outcome of historical battles!

    All information about any army is available online. Here you will find army illustrations, army composition and suggested enemy armies.

    April 15, 2002

    Double Army Feature in PCM

    From now on you do not need to use Custom Army List and to create 24-units armies manually. Just select an opponent and an army you want to play with, mark 'Double Army' checkbox and send your challenge through "Submit Advanced Challenge". This feature allows you to play only on big maps.

    April 15, 2002

    View Army Details Button

    Click on "View Army Details" button in your PCM. There you will find all the necessary info about any army chosen by you: army illustrations, army composition and suggested enemy armies.

    December 14

    DBA Online 1.09 has been released. New graphic display engine eliminates graphic decompression thus making installation fast and easy and saves up to 100 Mb space on your hard drive. Download now.

    December 4

    Beta testing of DBA Online 1.09 has started. New graphic display engine eliminates graphic decompression thus making installation fast and easy and saves up to 100 Mb space on your hard drive. Beta testers wanted! Wanna take part? Read instructions... .

    October 6

    Next week we start Team Cup Round 2 games. Before the launch we have some days to check Round 1 results.

    Read expanded Round 2 Rules...

    October 3

    1st National Team Cup Round 1 is over. Meet our winners (9 out of 28):

    2. USA California Republic
    3. USA Texas and the South
    4. Western Canada
    5. UK 1
    6. Germany
    7. Australia
    8. Russia
    9. Spain

    In Round 2 each team will meet the others 10 times (as in Round 1). In semifinals will see only 4 teams and only 2 in final round.

    1st Round details:

    • USA WADBAG and USA California Republic from "USA and Aliens" reached Round 2. USA West showed the worst result ending with no points at all. Fierce fighting had broken off from the very beginning of the Cup and immediately showed who the real leaders were. But their rivals especially USA Team from Outer Space, Catalonia and Belarus teams gave them no rest and literary snatched the victory out of their jaws.

    • USA Texas, the South and Western Canada from "North America" reached Round 2 with the odds in their favour. Eastern Canada and France team proved that dangerous is their middle name.

    • UK1 and Germany from "Europe and Britain" reached Round 2 while UK4 hasn't even entered the game.

    • In "Pacific and Mediterranean" group Australia and Spain teams were fighting in the front line for some time but at the last moment Russia team won 1 missing point from Asian Region thus entering the front line with other leaders. As all three teams have demonstrated good results will see them in Round 2.

    • A lot of games haven't been finished and unfortunately for some reasons not all of the players managed to finish Round 1 thus letting down their teams.

    Have a look at the detailed result tables:
    USA and Aliens  |   North America
    Europe and Britain  |   Pacific and Mediterranean

    Please, check your results. Let me know if there are some mistakes. mailto: morda@dbaol.com

    September 20

    National Team Cup results updated! [read more...]

    And as far as I can see we have allmost finished round 2.
    Primary winners are:

      Pool 1:
        USA WADBAG
        USA California Republic

      Pool 2:
        USA Texas and the South
        Western Canada

      Pool 2:
        UK 1

      Pool 2:
        (Russia has a chance to win as well)

    September 18

    The Trail Christmas Tournament is over! 9 months of battles has gone and we are glad to announce the winner. [read more...]

    August 22

    We released DBA Online version 1.08.

    New features:

    • A bug in movement of groups with over 20 elements is fixed.

    • Now the game lets you delete old games. When you are in your DBAOL profile, press F8 button. You'll be prompted for deletion of all game older than 30 days. If you would like to change the "30 days" setting, you may do it using Notepad:

      1. open dba.ini file in DBA Online folder with NotePad
      2. place a line "battle_expire_days=XX" in it, where XX should be replaced with the number of day you wish

    • A hint for new users that they should click "Connect to server" and a demo of how to do it.

    • Now viewing the replay of your opponent's bound is ended by a question whether one would like to review it again or get down to making the bound.

    July 23

    We released DBA Online version 1.07. The main new feature is Big Maps support. Download and install the patch before installing new maps.

    July 23

    Download 23 new maps now!

    Maps available in this pack:

    (2x2) Agincourt
    (2x2) Benventum
    (3x3) Bosworth
    (3x2) Cannae
    (2x2) Castle
    (2x2) Cynoscephalae
    (3x2) Gaugamela
    (3x2) Granicus river
    (2x2) Hastings
    (3x2) Hattin
    (3x2) Hydaspes river
    (2x2) Ilipa
    (3x2) Issus
    (3x2) Kulikovo
    (2x2) Lake peipus
    (2x2) Lake trasimene
    (2x2) Marathon
    (3x2) Metaurus river
    (3x2) Quadesh
    (3x3) Tannenberg
    (2x2) Trebbia river
    (4x3) Yarmuk
    (2x2) Zama

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