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DBA Online DBAOL Team Championship. Rules     

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DBAOL Team Championship 2001 "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country"
(J.F. Kennedy)

Round 2 expanded rules:

  • Till October 10 players have time to change their armies if they like.

  • Till October 10 captains may change team composition (assign another period, change a player, take a player from another team (team that didn't advance to Round 2)).

  • 9 teams will form 1 group .

  • Each team will play vs all the other teams 10 battles (the same as in Round 1).

  • You have 4 days to answer bounds.

  • If a players is going to be absent for more then 4 days he/she must warn via e-mail (or some other way) his/her opponents about his/her absence (or just send an e-mail to moderator (morda@dbaol.com)).

  • If your opponent doesn't responde for more then 4 days and he/she didn't give a notice about his/her absence then this battle is counted to be lost by him/her.

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