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DBA Online DBAOL Team Championship. News     

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    April 19

    Finally National Team Cup is done! and the Winner is Western Canada Team! Congratulations!

    March 20

    Preliminary results of Final Round are here Results

    March 11

    Dear Players, today WTC Round 3 starts. You can check 2 Round results at 2 Round Results and the list of teams advanced to the Final at Round 3 Teams .

    October 6

    Next week we start Team Cup Round 2 games. Before the launch we have some days to check Round 1 results.

    Dear team captains, please, check your team composition and make necessary changes if you like by e-mailing to morda@dbaol.com

    Round 2 expanded rules:

    • Till October 10 players have time to change their armies if they like.

    • Till October 10 captains may change team composition (assign another period, change a player, take a player from another team (team that didn't advance to Round 2)).

    • 9 teams will form 1 group .

    • Each team will play vs all the other teams 10 battles (the same as in Round 1).

    • You have 4 days to answer bounds.

    • If a players is going to be absent for more then 4 days he/she must warn via e-mail (or some other way) his/her opponents about his/her absence (or just send an e-mail to moderator (morda@dbaol.com)).

    • If your opponent doesn't responde for more then 4 days and he/she didn't give a notice about his/her absence then this battle is counted to be lost by him/her.

    October 3

    National Team Cup Round 1 is over. Meet our winners (9 out of 28):

    2. USA California Republic
    3. USA Texas and the South
    4. Western Canada
    5. UK 1
    6. Germany
    7. Australia
    8. Russia
    9. Spain

    In Round 2 each team will meet the others 10 times (as in Round 1). In semifinals will see only 4 teams and only 2 in final round.

    1st Round details:

    • USA WADBAG and USA California Republic from "USA and Aliens" reached Round 2. USA West showed the worst result ending with no points at all. Fierce fighting had broken off from the very beginning of the Cup and immediately showed who the real leaders were. But their rivals especially USA Team from Outer Space, Catalonia and Belarus teams gave them no rest and literary snatched the victory out of their jaws.

    • USA Texas, the South and Western Canada from "North America" reached Round 2 with the odds in their favour. Eastern Canada and France team proved that dangerous is their middle name.

    • UK1 and Germany from "Europe and Britain" reached Round 2 while UK4 hasn't even entered the game.

    • In "Pacific and Mediterranean" group Australia and Spain teams were fighting in the front line for some time but at the last moment Russia team won 1 missing point from Asian Region thus entering the front line with other leaders. As all three teams have demonstrated good results will see them in Round 2.

    • A lot of games haven't been finished and unfortunately for some reasons not all of the players managed to finish Round 1 thus letting down their teams.

    Have a look at the detailed result tables:
    USA and Aliens  |   North America
    Europe and Britain  |   Pacific and Mediterranean

    Please, check your results. Let me know if there are some mistakes. mailto: morda@dbaol.com

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