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DBA Online DBAOL Team Championship. Results     

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National Team Cup is finished!

The winner is Western Canada Team , presented by

Snowflake               athelstern               

George Gouveia, Ardashir, ASTERIX, and Cooler King!

Flowered road to Pantheon!!!
Storm of applause!!!
Splashes of champagne!!!

Russia and Spain shared the 2nd place,
and California Republic took the 3d one!

Congratulations to all of them as they managed to make their way to the Final through bloody battles and numerous losses and wins!

Per aspera ad astra!

Started last year in March, Team Cup attracted 28 teams (140 players!) from all over the world.
All participants stood heroically for their country's honour.
Only 9 teams advanced to the 2nd Round.
Crashing and being crashed, they were striving to the Final. Fierce battles determined 4 finalists - 4 teams, from which the only one could survive.

That was not a slapdash victory!
That was not a craving for leadership!
That was a long hard road to Triumph, and now Canada can sing the praises to its glorious warriors!

They deserved the reward from DBAOL team. And that is a free 2-month subscription!

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