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DBA Online DBAOL Team Championship     

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June 30
Congratulations to the Kingdom of Russ - the winner of the 2nd World Team Cup!
All the team-members recieve free 6-month subscription!
Congrats to Tiger, a fearless captain, and his brave warriors - Beto, Janus, Sir Cholais and CaptainVP!
And thanks to all teams, especially to the finalists!

June 12
Last battles should determine the winner: Russia or Spain.

June 2
One additional week is given for finishing the games.
Russ is the evident candidate for the winner, though Spain can be ahead.

May 19
Kingdom of Russ attacks Wessex and gets one more win.

May 13
Kingdom of Russ resists Spanish attacks.

May 8
Kingdom of Wessex evened its score vs Spain.
Spain gained one more win vs Russ.
Russ prevails over Wessex by one win.

May 5
Kingdom of Wessex and Kingdom of Russ raise their defences against Spain, though the latter one keeps its leadership.

April 30
Wessex and Russia get 1 win each.

April 28
Spanish Team makes great success.

April 18
Final games are launched.
All the games are to be finished by June 1.
There is no change in rules.

April 17
The semi-final is over and the winners are Kingdom of Wessex, Spain and Kingdom of Russ.
Final games are about to start.

April 14
Kingdom of Russ (group 3) is the first finalist.
In group 2 Spanish Team wins Australia and comes forward.

April 10
Kingdom of Wessex (group 1) is obviuosly aiming to the FInal.

April 7
In group 3, Russian Team beats Scotland and both teams have chance for advancing to the Final.

April 5
The first candidate to the Final from group 3 - Scotland Team.

April 3
One more replacement: Kambodia will play instead of elf.

March 27
Beto replaced Carausius in Kingdom of Russ Team.

March 20
2nd Round games has been launched.
Besides the existing rules some more points are added:
  • All the games are to be finished by April 20.
  • The 5-days rule is introduced, according to which a battle is considered to be lost by the player who does not respond for 5 days.
  • Captains are supposed to notify the moderator if team-members cannot make a bound.
  • If all 3 teams have the same number of points then win/loss ration is taken into account. In case of the same ratio, games between teams are decisive and the team which have more wins advance to the Final.

March 19
Spain (group 2) and Germany (group 4) advance to the 2nd Round. The winner from group 3 will be named tommorow.
2nd Round games are scheduled to start on March 20.

March 11
6 team winners are determined already:
    Kingdom of Wessex (group 1)
    Kingdom of Russ (group 5)
    The Barbarians (group 6)
    Kingdom of Mercia (group 7)
    USA Team 3 (group 8)
    Australia (group 9)
For groups 2,3 and 4 the deadline is extended till March 17.

February 27
One more winner is determined in the 1st round - Kingdom of Wessex,group 1.

February 24
Kingdom of Russ (group 5) and The Barbarians (group 6) advance to the 2nd Round.

February 17
Rules for the 1st Round.
  • All the games are to be finished by March 10.
  • If some games are not over by the deadline, the current score is taken as the final result.
  • All the delays are to be sent to support@dbaol.com by the captains.
  • 9 teams will advance to the 2nd Round.
  • If 2 teams have the same points, the team which has more wins vs the competitive team, will advance. If there is a draw, win/loss ratio is taken into account.

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