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DBA Online 2000 DBAOL World Cup Winner    

World Cup 2000 Winner Nigel Price World Cup 2000 Winner

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The long 6 month fierce fighting for DBAOL Crown is over now. Many noble warriors have been slaughtered in this struggle. Days and nights the sound of clashing arms was covering the Globe.

70 brave commanders were throwing their troops into deadly fighting, dreaming about the victory. 373 battles played during the Cup.
And here is the one, who survived after this death racing.
Meet the DBAOL World Cup winner - NigelP of England!

Besides the Champion Title Nigel gets the actual gouache painting of Medieval Knight used for DBAOL installation process:

He was leading War of the Roses English (#179). Totally he won 23 battles out of 26 - he deserves to be called Emperor! Below is the path of Glory - NigelP's bloody way to the throne:

Round 1
All the battles are won. 8 of 8 (3 times wow!) The names of the knocked out enemies are:

  • Slipper (#178)
  • Victor (#180)
  • Martian (#179)
  • Marco (#141)

Round 2 - 10 of 12 battles won (wow!)
Here all the enemies had been previously known as diehards. Well, NigelP modified this definition a little:

  • Kambodia (#85)
  • David Kuijt (#102c) (2 times wow)
  • Hast (#28b)
  • Blackstone (#114)
  • Dusty the Mighty (#170)

Only skillful Tiger managed to win 2 games against the future Emperor. Poor Tiger, he didn't know that these two defeats only reinforced NigelP's blood thirst and he was carrying the revenge desire until the final.

Brave Jeff Sussman was stopped on his way to the Finals. In almost even and horrifying fighting NigelP won 2 battles out of 3.

And then came the Final - the most dramatic 3 battles.
The Gods made them meet once again Brave Tiger and thoughtful NigelP. Tiger, already with a victory taste on his lips, rushed into NigelP's battle lines but 3 times out of 3 they were demolished upon hitting those walls of iron. What a grin of Fortune!

So, long live the Great DBAOL 2000 King. NigelP - the bravest of the bravest.
A man of fire and iron! His name will be graven into DBAOL's Monument of Fame as the first World Champion.

Here is other facts about DBAOL World Cup These are just short stats numbers but just imagine how many ruined lives, smashed hopes, desperate battle cries lie behind them.

Round 1:

  • 70 players participating
  • 14 pools
  • 280 battles
  • 14 winners (1 from each pool):
    • NigelP (#179) UK
    • Kambodia (#85) USA
    • David Kuijt (#102c) USA
    • Hast (#28b) Germany
    • Tiger (#131b) Russia
    • Blackstone (#114) USA
    • Dusty the Mighty (#170) USA
    • Pierre de Chartreuse (#76) France
    • David Schlanger (#36) USA
    • Tony C (#179) Australia
    • Jeff Sussman (#172) USA
    • O'Duibhne (#154) Scotland
    • Mastadon (#178) USA
    • Thomo the Lost (#102a) UK

Round 2:

  • 14 players
  • 2 pools
  • 84 battles
  • 4 winners (2 from each pool):
    • NigelP UK
    • Jeff Sussman USA
    • Tiger Russia
    • Mastadon USA

Oh, my god, what names! Each of them would deserve to be the King! But there had to be only 2 proceeding to the Finals

6 battles

  1. NigelP vs Jeff Sussman
    • Game 1: 1:3G
    • Game 2: 4G:0
    • Game 3: 1:4
    NigelP wins
  2. Tiger vs Mastadon
    • Game 1: 3:5 What a fighting!
    • Game 2: 3:5 Wow - again what a tough struggle!
    • Game 3: 0:4
    Tiger wins

The Finals:
Only 2 immortals remained:

    NigelP vs Tiger
  • Game 1: 4:0
  • Game 2: 2G:1
  • Game 3: 5G:3

NigelP wins all 3 battles out of 3 and wins the DBAOL 2000 World Cup.

Congratulations, NigelP!

All the other watch out - he plays for Great Britain Team 3 in Team Championship. Will anyone dare to argue British supremacy in DBAOL?

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