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DBA Online DBAOL Team Championship     

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Dear DBA Online players.

Wargaming.net is pleased to announce the second DBA Online World Team Cup.

The official launch is January 24.

The National Teams are based on actual modern countries (like in Soccer World Cup).

Some additional arrangements will be needed for those countries which have very big (such as USA, UK, Germany, Australia, France) or very small number (French Polynesia, Thailand) of DBAOL players. Small countries will be united into "Joint Teams" and big counties will be represented by several Teams (USA-1, USA-2, USA-3, or USA DC, USA California, USA South, etc.). This is what Big/Small nations Team arrangements phase is needed for.

Recruitment Schedule:

Primary recruitment November 13 - December 31
Big/Small nations Team arrangements December 31 - January 20
Launch January 24

During the Primary recruitment you must indicate:

  • Your country
  • State/Province/Region/City
    This will help to organize the Teams for big countries.
  • If you already contacted your colleagues and formed the team, you have to indicate this.
  • If you have any preferences to play for a country you do not belong to, also indicate this.

You can Sign Up by sending an e-mail to Olga

View the list of the players who have already signed up

General Cup Features:

  • Each team has 5 Positions. (It may happen that after Primary recruitment ends the Tournament Moderator will increase the number of Positions up to 6 after analyzing the number of registered players).
  • Each position represents a certain period.
    1. The Chariot period - 3000BC to 500BC
    2. The Classical period - 500BC to 476AD
    3. The Early Medieval period - 476AD to 1071AD
    4. The High Medieval period - 1071AD to 1500AD
    5. The Far East armies

    View allowed armies for each period.
  • Each Team has a Captain who is responsible for his Team's behavior. He/she communicates with Moderator on all the aspects of playing and solves any problems/questionable situations if they arise.
  • Captain assigns his/her Team members for all the Positions for each round. The Team should select 1 DBAOL army for each position (i.e. period) and this army will remain until the end of the Tournament.

Each team match can bring 2 points if a victory and 1 point if a draw.
Team match points are calculated by position match wins.

Example of calculation position matches:

Team 1
Team 2
Position 1
Position 1
Position 2
Position 2
Position 3
Position 3
Position 4
Position 4
Position 5
Position 5
Match Points
6 wins
4 wins

Position Match Result: 6:4
Team Match Result: win

Depending on the number of Teams organized, there will be 1 or 2 groups where all the teams will play each other (Round Robin).

Then 4 winners will proceed to semi finals.

More detailed rules will be published after Primary recruitment phase ends, because a lot will depend on the number of participating Teams. Wargaming.net's staff will do its best to make this Team Championship fair and interesting so that it determines the strongest DBAOL nation.

The experience of previous Team Cup tells us that additional measures and methods should be undertaken for speeding the process up. We may think of some special rules restricting the length of each battle and some penalties for breakers of the rules.

As for the prize...
Before the official Launch we will determine what kind of prize it will be for the winning Team. However, please, make sure you understand this: you are going to fight for the GLORY for your nation, not prizes!

Good luck to all of you and to your nation!

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