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DBA Online Christmas Open Tournament    

Here are current results for Rhiellagh in
Christmas Open Tournament
(updated hourly)

    Player 1Army 1Player 2Army 2State
    Rhiellagh7. Early Northern Barbarian 2000BC-450BC. Teltest6. Early Shang Chinese 1720BC-1300BC. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 1 (L-1)SouthScore: 8 (W-4)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 17
    Rhiellagh86. Early Byzantine 493AD-578AD. Banzai84. African Vandal 442AD-535AD. Map: cold
    Score: 0 (L-P)SouthScore: 6 (W-P)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 4
    Rhiellagh125. Berber 1039AD-1529AD. elf135. Sicilian 1072AD-1442AD. Map: desert
    Score: 13 (W-6G)SouthScore: 4 (L-4)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 24
    Rhiellagh160a. Early Ottoman 1281AD-1362AD. Ted Lapinus162b. Knights of Saint John on Rhodes 1310AD-1522AD. Map: african desert
    Score: 0 (L-0)SouthScore: 8 (W-1G)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 14
    Rhiellagh93. Khazar 586AD-1083AD. Sven89. Slav 476AD-1218AD. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 9 (W-5)NorthScore: 1 (L-1)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 19
    Rhiellagh135. Sicilian 1072AD-1442AD. pannekoek125. Berber 1039AD-1529AD. Map: green hell
    Score: 8 (W-4)Low ScorerScore: 3 (L-3)SouthMovement. Bound 22
    Rhiellagh135. Sicilian 1072AD-1442AD. elf125. Berber 1039AD-1529AD. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 0 (L-0)Low ScorerScore: 11 (W-4G)EastMovement. Bound 20
    Rhiellagh162b. Knights of Saint John on Rhodes 1310AD-1522AD. Ted Lapinus160a. Early Ottoman 1281AD-1362AD. Map: cliff by the seaside
    Score: 2 (L-2)Low ScorerScore: 8 (W-4)NorthMovement. Bound 7
    Rhiellagh6. Early Shang Chinese 1720BC-1300BC. Teltest7. Early Northern Barbarian 2000BC-450BC. Map: african desert
    Score: 1 (L-1)Low ScorerScore: 8 (W-4)SouthMovement. Bound 12
    Rhiellagh84. African Vandal 442AD-535AD. Banzai86. Early Byzantine 493AD-578AD. Map: cold
    Score: 0 (L-P)Low ScorerScore: 6 (W-P)WestMovement. Bound 3
    Rhiellagh125. Berber 1039AD-1529AD. pannekoek135. Sicilian 1072AD-1442AD. Map: paved road
    Score: 2 (L-2)WestScore: 11 (W-4G)Low ScorerMovement. Bound 25
    Rhiellagh89. Slav 476AD-1218AD. Sven93. Khazar 586AD-1083AD. Map: messopotamia
    Score: 8 (W-4)Low ScorerScore: 2 (L-2)EastMovement. Bound 21

    Abbreviation appendix for the results of battles:

    L-Ploss occurred due to penalty for inactive game has been applied to player
    W-Pwon victory occurred since penalty for inactive game has been applied to opponent
    L-2loss, two enemy elements has been killed
    W-2Gwon victory, 2 elements has been killed, one of them is General
    W-3Cwon victory, 3 elements has been killed and Camp captured
    W-5GCwon victory, 5 elements has been killed, one of them is General and Camp captured

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