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DBA Online Individual Championship 2003    

Rules | Players | 1 Round Pools | 2 Round Pools | 2 Round Games | Semi-Final Pools | Semi-Final Games | Final Pools | Final Games

    We are pleased to announce about the beginning of DBAOL Annual Individual Championship 2003.

    Along with the Champion Title the winner will get a free 6-month subscription or one of these gouache paintings (at winner`s discretion)



    We tried to make the Championship Regulations as simple and fair as possible:

    • Registration starts from now until the 1st of August 24:00 Eastern Coast Time.
    • To register just send an e-mail to Olga (support@dbaol.com). Please, indicate:

        a) Alias
        b) Army Name

          a) Victor
          b) 4a. Early Libyan

    • The chosen army will be used until the end of the Tournament. In each battle a player is free to use any of the troops options allowed by his/her official DBAOL army list.
    • Depending on the number of players participating, 10-20 pools of 5-6 players in each will be created.
    • Round 1 starts on August 5:
      Each player will play 2 battles against each of the players in his/her pool (as High and Low Scorer). All these battles will be played SIMULTANEOUSLY.
    • All the battles in Round 1 will have to be finished until September 20 (summer vacations are taken into aacount).
    • The winner of each pool goes to Round 2
    • Round 2 starts on September 23:
      Depending on the number of pools in Round 1, 1 or 2 pools will be created and again, each player will play 2 battles against each of the players in his/her pool simultaneously.
    • In Round 1 and 2 each victory brings 1 point. If the number of points of 2 players is equal, the winner is determined according to the results of the battles between 2 of them and if their personal score is 1:1, then the killed/lost elements difference is taken into account.
    • Rules for Round 2 is the same. Winners from each pool advance to the Final Round, which determines the Champion.
    • Any arguments such as battles which are not finished in time, or rare tie break conditions, or any other possible problems will be resolved personally by the Tournament Moderator and Wargaming.net's staff.

    Let the best commander win!

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